Tantra is a spiritual path, the art of love and sexuality, a spiritual science and a lifestyle. It is a path of individual and general transformation. Its roots go back to shamanic traditions in India. Tantra has influenced the yoga traditions to the effect that the body is no longer seen as an obstacle but as an aid to spiritual realization.

The body and the sensual experiences are brought in to come into meditative states, to be fully here and now and also to come into high ecstatic states of oneness and unconditional love for oneself and others. This includes radically accepting oneself and others as they are. Tantra is a way of expansion that encompasses all areas of life. Unlike other traditions, Tantra accepts sexual energy and uses it as a path to higher consciousness.

“Tantra is alchemy; it can transform your centers, it can transform the other’s centers, it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house. Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want. And you can have a thousand and one uses of it; it can cool your room, it can heat your room. Then it is a miracle.” – OsHO


This is a 2-hour in person session designed individually for you to help you connect to your body’s full potential for pleasure and love. All sessions are fully-clothed, practical, held in a safe space. Using the combination of conscious touch, orgasmic breath and body movement we will activate and direct your energy, opening you to the full spectrum of experiences, moving beyond the physical, and creating a deep, intimate bond with yourself and your partner.



  • become multiorgasmic

  • learn to harness and direct your sexual energy

  • greater sexual stamina and increased sex drive

  • cultivate presence

  • overcome erectile dysfunction

  • learn to relax and receive pleasure

  • release stress from the body

  • bring mental clarity and calm the thoughts

  • learn to read her body, give pleasure in a conscious way

  • open your heart and allow deeper connection

  • feel more confident in your body

  • step into your full masculine potential


  • become (multi)orgasmic

  • learn to open your heart and allow deeper connection

  • feel more confident in your body

  • create healthy boundaries

  • understand your body, what it likes and what it needs, and how to honour that

  • strengthen your intuition

  • become more present in lovemakingand life

  • step into your full feminine energy

  • remove emotional pain and tensionfrom the body

  • discover the true understanding of self-love

  • deepen your pleasure and ability to feel


  • explore Tantra and sacred sensuality

  • experience polarity between masculine and feminine

  • express your needs and have your desires met is a safe and loving space

  • understand the role of boundaries within a relationships

  • play with submission and domination

  • learn the art of conscious art

  • connect with your partner on a deep, beyond-the-physical, level

  • increase passion and desire in your relationship

  • release wounding, hurt and resentment towards your partner

  • fall in love with each other all over again :)


    • Conscious Touch

    • Chakra Massage

    • Wheel of consent

    • Circle of Love breathing meditation

    • Energy Sublimation

    • Mental (re)programming

    • Body blessing

    • Fire dance

    • Hugging therapy

    • Sex-to-Heart Meditation

    • Yoni/Lingam Puja

    • Sacred Energy Orbit

    • Tantra Magic


  • Introduction

  • Energy cleansing & consecration

  • Intention setting & offering

  • Vitality Activation

  • Energy Circuit

  • Feast of the senses

  • Final relaxation

  • Closing the space & sharing

Price: $350 USD ($900 for couples) for a 2-3 hour session




Secret Tantric rituals have been long used for manifesting abundance in any area of life. Sexual energy is recognized as the most creative and potent. This is the energy that creates life, so what can it not create? Pleasure is the best catalyst for manifesting your dreams.


  • learn how to use your pleasure to materialize your dreams

  • increase your natural power to manifest

  • attract a soulmate, heal a broken heart, or revive your current relationship

  • attract money, cancel debts, enjoy luxuries or receive spontaneous gifts

  • get access to secret Tantric tools for manifesting with sexual energy

  • get initiated to Sex Magic


  • Cleansing Ritual

  • Introduction & intention setting

  • Invoking The Goddess

  • Offerings & Prayer

  • Sensual Activation

  • Energy channeling

  • Cooling Down

  • Closing & Sharing

  • Cleansing Ritual

  • We start the process by cleansing the space, and then our bodies, mind and energy using shamanic substances, sound and meditation.

  • Introduction & intention setting

  • I explain the process, describing what and why we'll do. Then I invite you to make an intention for what you want to dedicate the ritual to. The whole process is secret and should only be shared with those initiated. This is why details will only be shared during the ritual, with you in person. 

  • Invoking The Goddess

  • In Tantra we work with 10 Cosmic Powers - 10 aspects of the Divine Feminine Energy. Depending on your intention we will invoke the Goddess(es) to guide the ceremony. This will be done with a mantra, yantra and a prayer.

  • Offerings & Prayer

  • We present a series of specific offerings to the Goddess and charge your intention with the adequate prayer. 

  • Sensual Activation

  • This is the core of the ritual - your time to relax and receive pleasure. I will use my hands and props to activate each of your senses, offering you a deeply sensual, intimate and sweet experience. This is all done within the Wheel Of Consent, in respect to your boundaries and honoring your wishes.

  • Energy channeling

  • Using specific prayers, affirmation, stroked and body movement, I will guide your energy towards your desired outcome for the ritual. I will hold the intention in your space, constantly keeping the bridge between your pleasure and your desires.  

  • Cooling Down

  • Coming slowly to an end, I will invite you to lie down and relax. This is the time for your body to fully absorb and integrate the energy activated during the ritual. It is an important phase for grounding and balancing your physical and energetic bodies. 

  • Closing & Sharing

  • We will officially close the ritual, release the Goddess, offer our gratitude and share the offerings. We will then discuss our experience and guidelines to follow for the next few days to strengthen the effects of the ritual.  

  • Price: $2,000 USD for a 3-days session

  • * Couples are encouraged to book two sessions, one for each partner